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Everything you do on the Internet is a lot of people to watch. Internet service providers tracking your Internet browsing to related websites. What are you looking for, what are the browser you are using for surfing the Internet, what the search terms are, what websites are looking for, what content they are looking for? In some regions and countries there is a ban on certain types of websites. No matter how much they try, they are not open, and there is a chance to open the websites we want to use the internet without anyone tracking us. That’s the tar browser. Let’s get to know more about this

Most importantly, all these encryption and routing are happening within seconds.

Who created it?


Tar’s original name is ‘The Onion Router’ project. The crucial ‘onion routing’ approach was developed by the American Naval Research Laboratory staff in the 1990s by Paul Siverson, Michael G. Rid and David Gold Schalk. It is designed to keep America’s intelligence communications safe and accessible online.

Totally free ..

The tar project is in full open source mode. Anyone who knows and knows the technology may be involved in its development. Using the tar browser and the network is completely free. Anyone can donate and help with the management of networks.

Countries can also be changed


While we are browsing with a tar browser, we can also decide on routing through different countries and regions. For instance, if we have any web site open, if the tar network is connected through Switzerland, Finland and America, we can change the routing over the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. This may limit the controls in some countries, such as web sites. This facility is very useful for technology professionals.

No installation required


There is no need to install the tar browser on our computer / laptop. It works without the need for any registry entries. After downloading the tar browser in the download file, it asks you to install it on the computer.

A short cut file with the Start Tarar browser within the Tar browser folder and a folder with the rest of the files will be formed. The tar browser is open and connected to the tar network by double-clicking that short cut file. It can then be used directly on a regular browser.

We can copy this tar browser folder into a pen drive or memory card and use it directly on other computer / laptops. Once connected to a different computer, just double-click the tar browser icon in the folder and open it.

‘Orbot, Or Fox (Orfox)’ for Android Mobiles.

Computer browsers are browsing the internet as anonymous (on my mobile phone) on our mobile phone ‘Orbot, or Fox’. Orbit is used by a web browser called Orweb. It has been developed based on the web browser provided by In-built in Android. However, it does not provide full level of computer tar browser alike. But with easy interface, easy access.

Raw Fox was created with the source code used in the browser. This is also based on FireFox. This can provide anonymity on the tar browser level. It can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

Who does it work?

Tar will help you, your family members, children, friends and relatives to share their personal and confidential information with no trouble. There is no question that the information will fall into the hands of others.

TOR is able to keep their information confidential and business. No information can be downloaded online without access to information, secret reports, strategies, etc. from regional offices.

The crucial forces such as the military will be able to share tactical items and secrets with others in other areas, with tar to get information.

Protection in general browsers ..


In addition, browsers like FireFox and Chrome also have private browsing options with names like private window, in cognito etc. By using the Internet, it is possible to avoid tracking. Furthermore, no browsing history, cookies, passwords, temporary files will be saved. But some of these can only be granted privacy. To get full level privacy, it is best to use a tar browser to avoid tracking.


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