How to access blocked websites? that everyone to know about it?

Terse info:

Now-a-days People Are Getting Frustrated by the decision taken by their respective governments that are some Of the File Sharing Sites Are Blocked.

This Article Will Help You To Access These Websites, Not Only Indian Government And Also Some More Countries Blocked URL(universal resource locator) Of File Sharing Sites(Streaming Online Cricket Matches, Movies  Etc.)

Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.


If You Try To Refresh The Page For 5-6 Times It Will Work For Now But It Is Not Worked For a Long Time, In Order To Get The uninterrupted service, You Can Simply Follow The Here:


From Your Browser Search in the URL, Zenmate VPN  Add These extensions To Your Browser,



Then, For One Month ago It Is Free, To Avoid The Blocked Sites,   But From Now It Is Charged As Per The Plans,


By Following Here You Get Simple Tricks To Get It Free:

For This, You Need To Open The Browser Of URL Type Zenmate.Com Then Choose The Login Option It Will Display Username And Password.


But You Don’t Have An account,

How  To Create A New Account (Sign-Up) we can follow the steps,

For This, You Need To Follow The Below Directions,


By Simply Get It To The Click On Get Zenmate Now, You Get A Dialog Box Of Countries, We Can Choose Your respective Country,


Then look on to it, Then Wait For 5-8 Secs In The Below Slide You Can Get It Here Limited For Here Carefully About It Must Wait For It Will Display The Time  (in Secs).


For This, You Need To Follow The Below Directions, it will show the GET LIMITED Click on to it.

It Will display Sign-up link When clicking on the link display to Sign-up,

By using the details of your mail id and set a password,  you can easily get an account for free.


After then we can log in by using email id and password,

How It will Work Also Explained Here:




Firstly it is from your IP address to its published server side, It can be operated by the Zenmate server.

What  Is VPN?


what a VPN is understood,  first need to know about IP addresses. An IP (Internet Protocol) is a set of rules that govern Internet activity completion of a variety of actions on the World Wide Web. It is used to identify your computer online, like a postal address for your smartphone or computer. While an IP address is necessary in order to send information over the internet,  IP address also reveals your location to any website you are trying to access.

VPN providers have servers located in different global locations and are able re-route your traffic in order to hide your original IP address and exchange it with one from their servers. At the same time, a VPN service will encrypt all of your traffic, ensuring your security and anonymity online.


watch the link


For Finding Any Difficulty We Can Comment Below,

I Will Come Up With The Next Interesting Article.


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