How to Send Pictures Without Compression on WhatsApp? Everything you want to know about it?

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Nowadays Everyone use whats app to  send photos, But here everyone facing problem that photos can be compressed while sending through whats app, but you can easily send whats app images thereby reducing the image quality by a significant margin.
So, are you intrigued with sending the full image file without any compression and sacrifice on image quality?

For this you need to follow these simple-2 steps


Firstly open Whats app, Select the contact whom do you want to send , Click on paper Clip icon at the attachment file.



Then choose the Icon Document then browse the other documents of their mobile Mobile File Manager / Gallery  and select the image which one you want to send.


Well, that’s assuredly the whole process. In lieu of sending it as a photo, we’re sending the image file as a document, in order to avert Whats App from compressing it. You’ll notice that if you send the picture as a document, you won’t get the image preview like you normally would, when you endeavor to send a photo over Whats App.

by following these steps you’ll able to send photos without compression.


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