TrueCaller latest updates


TrueCaller plays a predominant role in identifying caller name in this era.

TrueCaller provides number of features..,

In the later stage come up with payment option TrueCaller is tie up ICICI bank to provide services, Scan & Pay feature will allow users in India to scan a number and pay directly using Truecaller Pay, you can do recharge provided by mobikwik, and video calling option is truly provided by Google DUO option.


TrueCaller also offers a CallMeBack feature to Customers, by providing CMB offers when the user busy, it will send a callback message notification to their users(whom you want to talk).

Today it comes with a new release of phone number detection by using camera option

Now TrueCaller also implemented the latest technology with phone camera you can scan by air and identify the caller Identity, Commenting on this feature set expansion, Narayan Babu, Director of Product and Engineering at Truecaller said, “When you see an important phone number, you can directly pull it into your phone with Truecaller and use it, in seconds, to connect or make a payment. Also, during critical moments you can reach out to the right company, person or service with a single tap with Fast track numbers.


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No, one can’t believe in next coming update it will come with another amazing feature.,




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