How to copy Text from Image?

Terse Info:

This article explains how to copy the text data from photos..,

Generally, it will very useful to the students, so many websites disable the copy option text. at that time you need to follow these simple steps—:

It will be helpful for Windows users,


You need to search OneNote in start command,



Open OneNote app an Click on insert at the top corner browse image which image text you want to copy,


After Selecting image click right choose Copy Link to Paragraph

2017-10-16 (9).png


Then Select Paste Option and choose to Keep Text Only..,

2017-10-16 (10)

TrueCaller latest updates

Send WhatsApp Photo Without Compress?

Convert image text to softcopy.

These Simple to Copy the Test from hard copy to Softcopy.

You can even scan handwritten notes or pages straight into OneNote then make them searchable.

The accuracy of this software is not 100% correct, however, it is quite good, better than typing the whole text again. The accuracy basically depends on how the text is written in the picture, such as format, size, and other colors and designs, etc..



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