Upcoming WhatsApp updates(Live Location Sharing)?

Terse Info:

WhatsApp looking today, tomorrow’s WhatsApp may not be the same! It looks like WhatsApp is looking at the upcoming and upcoming options. WhatsApp is often taking new options for customer convenience. Facilities like PIN lock and photo editing have recently been introduced to users. There are a few more lines. Let’s see their Upcoming Updates!

Live Tracking of Group Members:


Soon you can find out where friends in your WhatsApp group are located. Clicking the live tracking button in the group detail reveals who Google is based on Maps. This option can be avoided if necessary as user Requirement.(nobody can’t lie)


Editing Send Messages:


If you send a message to Existing WhatsApp Number … no changes in it! But all this is passed. There is a possibility of editing messages sent soon to WhatsApp. However, the message can be changed only when it comes to the other person. That is, double tick mark


Raise a complete (Spam Person)


Whatsapp received a message from an unknown person. If you look at it, you are speaking objectionably. It would be nice to report that number to spam. This type of option is coming soon. Shaving the mobile while chatting is spam reporting process.

Sent Message Can be taken back


But your message may be done to the other person. Would be sent to someone else .. I’ve been sending someone else’- Whatsapp users have been so lazy. These unsuccessful messages can be retracted.

All These features Under testing..,

Not only this some more updates are available soon…,

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