Protect your smartphone from cyber attacks(Beware of using Open WIFI)

Terse info:

As per the National Cyber Security Centre observes that At each convention, private entities provided visitors with free public Wi-Fi networks (for social science purposes). Around 70% of people connected to the nonsecure Wi-Fi networks at both conferences.

Keep your device up to date:

The first step to prevent yourself from hackers is keeping the device software updated. While updating can seem like an intrusive and boring process, it can save you from getting hacked. Installing the unofficial tools and software make your device vulnerable to attacks. The unofficial tools to root and jailbreak smartphones create a potential security hole that can further lead to you losing the personal data.

Be careful of what you install:

A lot of smartphone apps and games available on the app stores are malicious in nature. You should be careful while granting various permissions to unauthorized apps. The various permissions like the ability to read files, access camera or listen to your microphone can lead to potential abuse. Android’s Play Store has plenty of third-party rogue apps that can compromise your device security.

Secure your smartphone:

Basic security measures on the smartphone can save you from hacking attempts. The latest Android and iOS smartphones have multiple layers of security functions. You can safeguard your device by adding the fingerprint to unlock the phone. Android also lets you add facial recognition, six digits or pattern key as an additional method to unlock the device. The smart unlock features that automatically unlock your phone can create an opportunity for hackers to bypass your unlock code.

Track and lock your phone:

If your smartphone is stolen, prepare yourself to safeguard your data. The default option is to set your phone to automatically erase the data. You can set a mechanism where the smartphone automatically erases the data after a certain number of incorrect attempts to unlock it. Both Android and Apple have a service that can remotely locate your phone on a map and lock or erase it.

Open WiFi:


All users are aware that there is a risk of using an open wireless network but they don’t realize how severe it is. Anyone in the vicinity can easily snoop on your phone’s activities if the WiFi network is compromised. If you are doubtful about the wireless network, don’t connect to it. If you are forced to use the wireless network of an organization, experts recommend routing the traffic through a private encrypted channel using a VPN tool.

So don’t prefer open WIFI Networks for payment transactions…,




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